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Nixe Palace, one of the best boutique hotels in Palma de Mallorca

The Best Boutique Hotels in Palma de Mallorca in 2023

The list of hotels to choose from in Mallorca is nearly never ending. However, most of them are generic white buildings with a pool and standard double rooms. If you want a bit more authentic experience that gives you a taste of real Mallorcan culture, you should stay in one of the many boutique hotels. Since they can be harder to find amongst all the others, I made this list of the best boutique hotels in Palma de Mallorca based on ones I’ve visited and whose owners I know well. Make your vacation a cultural immersion.

Best Boutique Hotel Overall: Palacio Can Marqués

There’s no better way to take in the architecture and vibe of the Palma Oldtown than by staying at Palacio Can Marqués. In fact, I’d consider the hotel alone to be worth the trip, primarily due to the rooftop terrace and bar with views of Plaça de la Drassana.

That isn’t to say you say you shouldn’t leave the hotel, though. You’re right next to Santa Catalina and the best of Palma nightlife, not to mention the Cathedral, Carrer Sant Miquel and Parc de la Mar on the other side.

If you want even more of a cultural immersion, the staff is friendly in keeping with the Mallorcan fashion, and the Merchants bar and grill downstairs serves delicious cuts with Mallorcan inspiration. They also serve Mallorcan wine.

Best Hotel for Families: Es Princep

I have a client who stays at Es Princep every time he brings his wife and two toddlers to Palma. He says it’s primarily because the hotel has plenty of stuff to entertain kids and adults both. A luxury hotel, the comfort and service is unparalleled, but you’re still in a great location, particularly right next to Parc de la Mar. You can even see the kids’ playground from the rooftop terrace and restaurant, a place I would recommend at least having a drink.

Best Hotel on the Beach: Nixe Palace

Usually to get a good beach hotel, you have to get out of Palma, meaning you’re no longer close to the city’s amenities and attracitons. If you want the best of both worlds, I recommend Nixe Palace. Close to Cala Major, it’s still a ways from the Old Town, but it’s right next to Santa Catalina and all the nightlife. Plus, you can enjoy the beach right from your room.

Even if you don’t end up staying at Nixe Palace, I suggest hitting up their brunch or spa. (You can book them together.) My wife and I love taking romantic weekends there during the off season.

Best Hotel for Shopping: Casa Delmonte

Want to hit the world-famous shopping on Sant Miquel? Located at the end of La Rambla, Casa Delmonte is just a staircase away from Plaça Major and all the shops.

Of course, I’m not a big shopper myself, so I love Casa Delmonte for other reasons. Namely, it’s a repurposed classical Mallorcan house with an authentic turn-of-the-century feel. I know the owners, and they’re ancestral Mallorcans who bring that culture to their business.

Best Hotel in the Palma Old Town: Hotel Can Cirera

If you’re looking to enjoy the Palma Old Town and its sights like the La Seu cathedral, the Royal Palace and Es Born, Can Cirera is the best choice. For one thing, it’s located right behind La Seu, but I primarily recommend it because of the authentic Mallorcan feel. It’s not just the classic Palma stone facade, the rooms feel rustic with wood beams reminiscent of antique Mallorcan lodging in Es Pla. Nevertheless, it’s four-star accomodation and you even get a hot tub.

Best Hotel for Country Views: Rainbow Home Mallorca

The problem with staying in Palma is that you don’t get to experience the incredible Mallorcan countryside. However, at the Rainbow Home Villa, you can stay in luxury just outside of the city and experience views of Mallorcan orchards and the Serra de Tramuntana.

What I really love about Rainbow Home is their focus on fitness and the activities you can enjoy in rural Mallorca. For instance, they have indoor bicycle parking and bike mechanic workshop, so it’s a great stopover if you’re doing a route around the island. Plus, they have one of the best-equipped gyms you’ll find in a Mallorcan hotel.

Best Adults Only Hotel: Palma Riad

The Palma Riad is unbeatable luxury. If you want to enjoy Palma and Mallorca in comfort and style, there’s no better option. The penthouse suite with terrace in particular is capable of recharging anyone no matter how stressful your everyday life.

Don’t get too comfortable, though. You’ll certainly want to leave the hotel to explore the Palma Old Town. It’s located right on Es Born and near essential nightlife, one of the big reasons it’s the best boutique hotel in Palma for adults only.

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