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Winery Spotlight: Can Majoral

The plains of Mallorca are known as Es Pla. Es Pla is the heartland of Mallorca, squeezed between the island’s two mountain ranges – the northern Serra de Tramuntanas and southeastern Serres de Llevant. Es Pla is Mallorca’s viticultural center, both literally and figuratively. 

In Es Pla is the antique town of Algaida. In Algaida sits an inspired organic winery named Can Majoral.  There we were greeted by Andreu Oliver, the cousin and namesake of founder Andreu Oliver who began growing grapes as a pastime, then a hobby, and finally – with 20 hectares and 14 grape varieties producing 60,0000-70,0000 bottles a year – as a full-blown occupation.  

Can Majoral is a friendly, caring, honest winery. Tasting their wines is an exploration of purity. As Andreu kindly explained to us, Can Majoral bases their wines on a single grape variety. They focus on native Mallorcan grapes grown organically with regenerative practices. Through these processes, the authentic taste of Mallorcan wine producing potential is on full display.

Can Majoral
Location Algaida
Designations D.O. Pla i Llevant
Year Founded 1979
Best Wines Capgiró
Son Blanc
Events Full-moon harvest
Website CanMajoral.com
Phone Number +34 971 665 867

The Can Majoral Story

Written viticultural history dating from the first century CE proves that the mineral-rich soils of Es Pla have allowed wine production to thrive in the region for millennia. With history as their proof, the Oliver family took to the windmill-strewn lands of picturesque Algaida to produce their inimitable wines.

In 1979, the family turned historical intrigue into commercialization. In 1994, Can Majoral became the first Mallorcan wine producer to achieve organic certification and the second in all of Spain. Now their wines enjoy worldwide acclaim, being sold all over Europe and even breaking into the US market on RIPE Wine Imports. 

The bodega is part of the Pla i Llevant Denomination of Origin (DO). The Pla i Llevant DO has been synthesizing the tastes and culture of Es Pla’s fertile soils and salty sea air under its single label since 1999, but the cooperation it honors dates to 1913.

In 1913, the viticulturists of Es Pla came together to restore the region’s wine production after the phylloxera plague killed Mallorca’s grape vines. Pla i Llevant is now the denomination of Es Pla’s historical cooperation to revive the production of wine on the island. 

Pla i Llevant DO wineries such as Can Majoral have even helped rejuvenate native grape varieties that were all but extinct, such as the Giró Blanc and Gorgollasa. Can Majoral now produces fantastic single-variety wines with these resurrected grapes

Can Majoral is unique in its dedication to authenticity through its monovarietal wines; their quality is in the purity of native grapes grown on native soil organically.

Can Majoral’s Best Wines

Can Majoral is one of my favorite wineries on the island. Not only do they produce world-class wine in an amiable atmosphere, but their prices are reasonable, especially for such thoughtful, delicious bottles of tradition.

Their wines appear in three collections. Butibalausí are fresh and affordable wines produced with grapes from their youngest vines. The Can Majoral wines are mostly monovarietal and produced with native Mallorcan grapes. These wines are recognizable for their colorful labels of local Mallorcan art. The Can Majoral aged wines are fundamentally monovarietal wines with hints of blends for superior complexity. They consist of native and non-native grape varieties and are aged to perfection.


Recommended Vintage: 2021

From the artistically labeled Can Majoral lineup, I recommend Capgiró. This wine is the pride of Pla i Llevant as it is produced with the revitalized Giró Blanc grape.

Dense and fruity on the tongue, this wine is exceptionally well-balanced. The acidity carries through but never bites. Citrusy fruits like apples lead the way, but deeper fruit flavors such as mango and banana are revealed in the mouth, finally making way for the butter and salt of a delectable pastry-like finish.

Buy Can Majoral Capgiró


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can majoral capgiro


Recommended Vintage: 2021

Gorgollassa is another grape resurrected by the Pla i Llevant and highly prized by Can Majoral as a native grape that can be appreciated when grown organically, pressed, fermented, and aged with an artistic touch. This impressive wine can deepen in its floral and roasted toffee sense over time. The Gorgollasa is a unique wine-drinking experience only produced in Mallorca by Can Majoral.

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can majoral gorgollassa

Son Blanc

Best Vintage: 2021

What may be the best Chardonnay on the island comes from Can Majoral’s aged lineup. It’s a dense wine with ripe peach and melon flavors and a citric pineapple taste coming from a touch of Riesling added to the blend. The acidic quality is present, but the full sweetness of the wine is a persistent honey that carries nicely to the end. The six months of aging in French oak round out the wine with toasty notes.

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can majoral son blanc

Can Majoral Events and Tours

Can Majoral does not have a set tasting price or menu. Tastings are provided for those who plan to purchase a bottle or two. That said, Can Majoral is very welcoming to guests and has a dedicated tasting guide onsite. We were served sobrasada, bread, and cheese along with our samples of wine while Andreu walked us passionately through the processes and profiles of each we tried. 

The winery prefers email correspondence over phone calls as they are a small, family operation and at times struggle to pick up the phone while hard at work. 

Can Majoral does not have regular events apart from their famous full-moon harvest that brings together hundreds of residents to help harvest grapes late into the night. The evening finishes with an open-air meal in the vineyards.

Contact Can Majoral

How to Get to Can Majoral


Can Majoral is an easy 30-minute drive from Palma. Find the Ma-15 out of Palma and follow it until exit 20 toward Algaida/Santa Eugènia/Llucmajor. This exit places you on Camí de Muntanya. Take your third left off Camí de Muntanya. From here, you will begin to see the grapes. Take a left onto Carrer de Na Fiola and another quick left onto Carreró des Campanar, and you’re there. 


A bus can get you close to Can Majoral. Bus 401 from Palma’s Estació Intermodal is a 40-minute ride to the S’Hostal 2 stop. From that stop, you will need to walk a mile (20-25 minutes) down quaint country roads to Can Majoral.