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fira de tardor consell

Fira de Tardor i Fira del Vi: Consell’s Autumn Festival

Each year in October, Consell hosts a Fira de Tardor, or autumn festival, that includes several days of events including a Fira del Vi, or wine fair. 2023 marks the town’s 26th iteration of the fair and takes place on Sunday, October 22nd, in Consell’s main square.

Fira del Vi i Gastronomia Local

While the Fira de Tardor has several peripheral activities, the main event is on the fourth Sunday of October and involves tents set up around Plaça Major, the main square, and the surrounding streets. Many of these are local wineries selling glasses of wine for a few Euros, but there are also a number of stands selling artisanal and hand-made goods as well as restaurants and food vendors.

Perusing the various businesses and sellers is fun enough on its own, but throughout the fair, expect various performances to erupt on the square. These include dancing, drumlines and xeremiers, the Mallorcan bagpipe.

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Festa Fi de Fira

The fair itself technically runs from 10 am to 2 pm, but there’s really no break in the festivities. Some of the vendors may pack up, but the party continues at 4 pm with the end-of-fair festival on Carrer Degà Joan Jaume just behind the main square. It involves live music and dancing with a crowd enthusiastic and loose after a morning of flowing wine.

Ambvifest and Correfocs

If you’re more of a night owl, there are also numerous festivities on the Saturday before the Fira del Vi. Food trucks, live music and shows are followed by a correfoc at 9:30 pm. Consell’s demons come out in full costume to set off fireworks and shower the crowd with sparks. You can run through these, which is a lot of fun, just make sure you aren’t wearing your nicest shirt.

fira de tardor consell
fira del vi consell

The History of Consell’s Autumn Festival

Consell started the Fira de Tardor in 1998 to bring together the community and celebrate the fall season and corresponding harvest. In Mallorca, especially in the Raiguer region where Consell is located, the harvest means grapes. Most wineries harvest their vineyards in late August and early September and then close their doors to as they prepare the first wine of the season. They finish this in October and celebrate the successful harvest with the autumn festival.


The whole town of Consell prepares throughout October, but the main events focus on the weekend of the 20th-22nd.

Important Events

Friday, October 20th
9pm: Latin Street Festival
Saturday, October 21st
10am-2pm: Fireta Infantil (children’s fair)
4pm: Ambivifest
9:30pm: Correfoc
Sunday, October 22nd
10am: Fira de Vi i Gastronomia Local (wine fair)
4pm: Festa Fi de Fira

See the full schedule.

2023 Fira de Tardor Event Schedule

How to Get to Consell

Car: Consell is easily accessible via the Ma-13 autopista out of Palma in the direction of Alcúdia. Continue past Santa Maria, then take exit 15 towards Consell. Take the third exit at the roundabout north towards the mountains until you reach the Ma-13A highway. Turn right and head east till you reach Consell after about a mile.

The drive takes about 30 minutes.

Parking: Consell is a small town with street parking, though you’re unlikely to find any during the Fira de Tardor. Instead, the authorities usually set up public parking on the outskirts of town near the soccer field. From there, it’s a 10-minute walk to Plaça Major.

TIB Train: Consell is on all three TIB train routes, T1, T2 and T3, though it shares the stop with Alaró. From the Estació Intermodal at Plaza España, the ride takes around 45 minutes. However, the Consell/Alaró train station is a bit of a walk from the town center and Plaça Major: about a mile or 20 minutes.

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