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Palma de Mallorc airport PMI

How to Get To and From the Palma Airport

Luckily, getting to and from Son Sant Joan Airport outside of Palma de Mallorca is pretty simple. Unluckily, that’s because you really don’t have a whole lot of options. There is no Uber or similar companies and most of the public transportation in Mallorca and Palma doesn’t reach the airport, so aside from two EMT lines, your only choices are a taxi, transfer service or renting your own car.

Here’s a comparison of your options:

Price est. (to Plaza España)Time est. (to Plaza España)
EMT bus A1€530 min
Taxi€3015 min
Arranged transferSee prices15 min
Car rentalSee prices15 min

Where Is the Palma Airport?

The international airport serving Mallorca, Spain, is Son Sant Joan Airport, abbreviated as PMI. Like most international airports, it’s located outside of the city and served by the limited-access highway, or autopista, Ma-19. It’s about a 15-minute drive from Plaza España but even closer to other parts of Palma including Cala Gamba and the FAN shopping mall.

If you get on the highway towards Palma from the airport, you’ll end up at the Palma port and cathedral. You can also change onto the Ma-20 which loops around the city and connects to the Ma-15 and Ma-13. The other direction from the airport will take you towards Llucmajor and the south of the island.

The Airport Buses

Palma’s public bus company EMT operates two bus lines that reach the aiport: the A1 and A2. The A1 runs between the Palma city center and the airport while the A2 runs between s’Arenal and the airport.

The A1 stops at Plaza España where you can catch other buses and the TIB buses and trains, so it’s the main way people in town get to the airport. It’s common to see people at the bus stop with their suitcases and luggage. However, it actually starts its route on the other side of the Old Town on Passeig Mallorca and stops at several other places before and after Plaza España.

A1 EMT bus line to and from Palma Airport

The first bus that leaves Palma for the airport is at 4:30 AM while the first bus to leave the airport for Palma is at 6:15 AM. The last buses are at 12:20 AM and 2:00 AM respectively. The stop at the airport is outside the terminal almost directly underneath the skybridge across the bus and taxi parking lot. Follow the moving walkways till you reach the arrivals pickup area, but don’t cross the street.

The A2 is a short route that crosses the autopista from the airport and does a loop through s’Arenal. It stops at the same place at the airport and is a good option if you’re going to one of the hotels and resorts near the airport.

Both buses cost €5 per trip and don’t include transfers. If you’re not using the bus to go to the airport, make sure you let the driver know so you don’t have to pay the airport fare.

Aiport Taxis

A taxi is a more expensive but faster and more comfortable option than the bus. You can usually find available taxis in the queue just outside the baggage claim area of the airport terminal, though there can be long wait times during the peak tourist season.

Unfortunatley, reserving a taxi ahead of time is easier said than done, and calling one to take you to the airport if you’re outside the Palma city center is complicated because Mallorca taxi drivers are autónomos, meaning they’re self-employed. There aren’t any taxi companies. While there are a number of co-ops and radio services that you can call to order or reserve taxis, they’re usually city-specific, so getting one to and from the airport can be difficult.

Your best bet if you need a ride in between the airport and Palma is Radio Taxi Ciutat:

Is There Uber in Mallorca?

No, Mallorca does not have Uber services for legal reasons. Similarly, there is no Cabify, Lyft or similar rideshare services or apps. Currently, the taxi cooperatives do not operate any functional apps either. Unfortunately, there are no convenient methods for ordering a taxi in Mallorca short of waving one down or calling a Radio Taxi service.

Booking a Transfer Service

Although it’s similar to ordering a taxi, booking a transfer service has a few advantages, such as:

  • Guaranteed English-speaking drivers
  • More accomodations for luggage and families
  • Drivers with knowledge of your specific hotel

If you’d like to book a transfer from the Palma airport, I recommend using Welcome Pickups.

Sixt Palma de Mallorca airport

Renting a Car at the Palma Airport

The bus or a taxi is a great way to get you from the airport to the Palma city center, but if your hotel is outside of Palma, you have limited options. While there are the TIB trains and buses, they don’t reach every point of the island and require transfers while lugging around your luggage.

If you plan to leave your hotel, I highly recommend you rent a car so you can fully explore the island. Rental car prices are often much lower than you’d expect due to the high volume of budget companies with large seasonal vehicle stocks, and it’s convenient as well because the majority of companies have offices inside the airport terminal or nearby. These include:

  • Sixt
  • Avis
  • Alamo
  • OK Mobility
  • Goldcar
  • Thrifty

Because there so many boutique car rental agencies in Mallorca providing shockingly low daily rates, I suggest you search based on your travel dates to see who has the best deals.