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Mallorqueta, un glop d'eternitat

platja de cala pi

Beach Spotlight: Platja de Cala Pi

In northern Mallorca, the Tramuntana Mountain Range burgeons from the sea, providing beaches with dramatic backdrops but making them stoney and tricky to access. In southern Mallorca, beaches are flatter with white sands, turquoise waters, and easy access. Platja de Cala Pi has a taste of both. It has the beautiful soft sands of the south, but its rugged natural landscape rivals the most breathtaking coves in the north. For this reason, Cala Pi is an eye-popping wonder of natural beauty

It also has a vibe. It feels like a beach vacation from a different decade, especially compared to the higher-end, polished ports on the island. The quaint streets of the tiny Cala Pi town have fun, unpretentious walk-up restaurants and bars with plastic chairs and umbrellas. Colorful beach toys from quaint kiosks, fun-in-the-sun drinks, and ice creams make it an excellent location for all ages. 

The cool vibe, stunning landscape, and easy, family-friendly access make Cala Pi notoriously popular in the summer months. Exceptional photos from above the cove are plastered on social media. With popularity, though, comes pollution: noise, smoke (from cigarettes), and litter. While this pollution can crop up at Cala Pi, it will not necessarily ruin a visit to the famed location. As explained below, there are many reasons to go and ways to enjoy this one-of-a-kind cove.

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Basic Information

Type of Beach: White sand cove
Closest Town: Cala Pi
Body of Water: Cala Pi
Best Hotel: Finca Gomera


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Accessibility & Parking
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How to Get to Cala Pi


Driving to Cala Pi from Palma takes about 45 minutes. The Ma-19, which passes Palma de Mallorca Airport, heads southeast from Palma. I recommend taking the coastal route; shortly after the airport, you will connect to the Ma-6014, which winds along the coast until it cuts east and runs into Carrer Betlem. Take a right onto Carrer Betlem and follow it south for 5 minutes.

Here, you will begin to see hotels and beachy bars. Find a place to park along the road. All parking is free, but Cala Pi is a trendy destination during the summer, so come early to ensure a place to park.

TIB Bus 505

Cala Pi has its very own bus stop! From Estació Intermodal in Palma, take TIB bus 505 to Cala Pi in one hour and 10 minutes. But be aware that the bus runs infrequently – every 3 hours – so plan your trip accordingly.

Best Hotel: Finca Gomera

Cala Pi is a small town without many accommodation options, but Finca Gomera is just a 10-minute drive away and as beautiful as the beach it neighbors. 

Wellbeing is top of mind at Finca Gomera. The knowledgeable staff understands the allure of the Mallorcan outdoors and makes renting bikes, hiking, or getting to the beach a breeze. But you may not want to leave, as their gorgeous grounds beckon, inviting you for a day in the shade under a tree in a hammock by the pool.

In the evening, enjoy a game of pool in their classy though rustic lounge. Breakfasts of local and fresh ingredients are served daily.

Platja de Cala Pi Rankings

Natural Beauty: 9/10

Cala Pi is one of those Mallorcan spots that has you shaking your head in astonishment. The sandy beach is squeezed between high canyon-like walls that stretch deep into the light blue waters, creating striking stone borders for the colorful waters.

The canyon walls and sand also stretch far inland, where flora brightly bursts forth. Thus, it is a long, narrow beach hemmed in by its walls, and in every direction you look, the drastic colors of sea, sky, stone, and flora combine and inspire.

Family Friendly: 9/10

Cala Pi is family-friendly, has soft sand, a unique landscape, and plenty of food and snack options. The water is calm and warm, and a lifeguard is on duty during summer.

The only drawback may be a bit of partying that tends to happen on this beach, but the beach is long enough to find a comfortable spot for you and your family.

playa de cala pi

Accessibility & Parking: 6/10

All things Cala Pi are a tale of two seasons. In quieter months (when the weather is cooler and the water not so warm), parking at Cala Pi is easy as there is ample street parking near the stairs that lead to the beach. Depending on the crowds, you may need to park further from the beach, but all parking is free.

Once parked, the beach is a pleasant stroll past beachy bars, restaurants, and kiosks, but the only access from the road to the beach is a steep staircase. Due to this staircase, Cala Pi can be difficult to access if you or anyone in your party has mobility issues.

Space & Crowd: 3/10

Cala Pi’s beauty attracts the crowds. It is one of the infamous beaches where you may even find a queue upon the steep staircase down to the beach, especially as this staircase offers Instagramable photos. In summer, visitors may pack in like sardines on the narrow beach.

But with the beach stretching nearly 500 meters inland, while you may not be set up directly seaside, you can usually find a nice spot to lounge. I recommend going early or in the cooler months to find more space.

Activities: 6/10

Cala Pi has no rental services beyond shaded loungers, so all other activities will be based on your personal equipment. Snorkeling, hiking, and deep water soloing are all highly enjoyable at Cala Pi. Several kiosks above the beach offer all kinds of beach accessories for purchase if you don’t come equipped. 

Local Tip: I highly recommend heading up a steep trail on the northwest side of the cove. There, you gain the top of the cliffs, with stunning views of Cala Pi and the wider Mediterranean Sea. Follow the paths for a short while, and eventually, you will hit another fun cove worth exploring, Cala Beltrán.

Swimming: 6/10

The water stays relatively shallow for a stretch from the beach, so it is warm and pleasant in summer. And due to Cala Pi being a deep inlet, there are no waves. The only drawback, again, is vying for space on a crowded day.


Sea Life & Snorkeling: 5/10

Cala Pi is stunning, but there are drawbacks, and one is that being a shallow cove, algae can form in its waters, turning it green and murky. Also, what falls into the cove – plastic bottles, plastic bags, and cigarette butts – do not tend to wash out to sea and will be spotted bobbing in the tranquil waters.

That being said, the rocky coastline makes for outstanding fish habitats and intriguing sea flora. If you swim out a ways from the beach, the water begins to deepen and become clearer, which is better for snorkeling.

Restaurants & Amenities: 8/10

One of my favorite aspects about Cala Pi is the downhome beach vibe. The streets above the beach are lined with unpretentious shops and walk-up bars. I enjoyed the walk-up Chick Chick Chicken restaurant for a quick snack, but there are also fresh seafood restaurants and even a spot with live music and karaoke

In the summer months, there is a cute little bar serving beach cocktails, soft drinks, and ice cream right on the sand. One can also rent a lounge chair and straw beach umbrella for much-needed shade. Bathrooms are also set up behind the bar on the beach. All in all, Platja de Cala Pi has an excellent atmosphere for a day in the sun.

cala pi beach

Nudity: 0/10

Cala Pi is not a nude beach, though toplessness, like at every beach in Mallorca, is frequent. 

Safety: 8/10

Cala Pi does have a lifeguard on duty during the summer months from around 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If injured, getting back up the steep staircase could be a struggle, but Cala Pi is not in the middle of nowhere. You can be at a hospital in Llucmajor in less than 30 minutes.

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