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platja del mago

Beach Spotlight: Platja del Mago

Tucked away from the crowds of the city, Platja del Mago is a small intimate nudist beach on the south of the island, just a 30-minute drive from Palma. Situated between Portals Vells and Platja del Rei, this tranquil spot serves as a great alternative to its busier counterparts. If you’re looking for stunning views, crystal clear turquoise water and the opportunity to take it all off, Playa del Mago is the place to go. This lovely little cala is great for a day out by yourself or with a few friends.

The atmosphere of Cala des Mago is very relaxed and provides a great place for a swim, especially if you bring a pair of goggles and a snorkel. It is surrounded by small rocky cliffs which some opt to jump off of—but do note the water is fairly shallow for the most part so take care if choosing to do so. 

Platja del Mago being so close to a variety of other calas means it is great for a little hike whilst you’re there. I would recommend taking a short walk along the rocky cliffs just past Portals Vells to see the Cova de Portals Vells.

Platja del Mago

Basic Information

Type of Beach: White sand cove
Closest Town: Portals Vells
Body of Water: Bahia de Palma
Best Hotel: Globales Cala Viñas


Natural Beauty
Family Friendly
Accessibility & Parking
Space & Crowd
Sea Life & Snorkeling
Restaurants & Amenities

Mallorqueta Superlatives

Best Nude Beach

Best Beach for Swimming

How to Get to Platja del Mago

For as pristine and tranquil Playa del Mago is, it’s surprisingly easy to access, especially by car. I recommend going early to get the best parking and towel spots.



Being only a 30-minute drive from Palma means this journey is a very pleasant one. From Palma, take the slip road onto the Ma-20 to Andratx/Port d’Alcudia. Then, continue onto the Ma-20. Take exit 11A for the Ma-1 towards Palmanova/Andratx.

Next, take exit 14 towards Magaluf/El toro/Son Bugadelles. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Camí Cala Figuera and stay on Camí Cala Figuera. You will pass 2 roundabouts but stay on this road.

Then, keep left to stay on Cami Cala Figuera as there is a slight turn onto Carrer Tudó, do not take this road. At the next opportunity, turn left and come off of Cami Cala Figuera. Keep following the road which will take you straight to Play del Mago.

You will pass one slightly bigger car park, you can choose to park here. Or, keep going and you will arrive directly at Cala des Mago, with a smaller car park.

TIB Bus 105

If going by bus, take the island’s TIB Bus 105 from the intermodal station. It will take roughly 50 minutes.

Get off at Av. Mallorca- Av. Balear 2 (11152). After this, it will be about a 10-15-minute walk.

After getting off of the bus, head straight ahead down Av. Mallorca which joins slightly onto Carrer de la Ribera. Then, turn left onto Av. Portals Vells. You will then need to turn right at Carrer Montealegre and follow the natural path down the slope.

You will first arrive at Platja del Rei. From Platja del Rei, head to the right of the beach where there will be a path, follow this round and you will then arrive at Platja del Mago.

Best Hotel: Globales Cala Viñas

This part of the island is heavily developed and it’s difficult to find boutique hotels. Additionally, there aren’t really any hotels on Cala Portals Vells itself, or in the nearby urbanisations.

For these reasons, I recommend Globales Cala Viñas. You’re right on Cala Vinyes, which gives you access to another beautiful beach as well as more amenities and activities. Meanwhile, you’re just a few minutes from Playa del Mago.

The four-star hotel itself is rather unique as far as large beach hotels go on Mallorca. My favorite part is the bar that’s actually located inside a cave while still providing sea views.

Platja del Mago Rankings

Natural Beauty: 8/10

This cala is definitely very lovely, especially being so close to the city. The clear water and size of the cala definitely aids its visual impact. Depending on your preferences, there is a restaurant on the beach (currently closed indefinitely) and usually boats anchor here, which to some may take away from its natural beauty. Though, it is far from a major problem.

Family Friendly: 4/10

This ranking is based on the fact that it is regarded as a nudist beach. However, with kids there are plenty of calas nearby such as Platja del Rei or Portalls Vells, which may be good alternatives if you do have kids with you.


Accessibility & Parking: 8/10

This cala has incredibly easy access if you are driving. There is a sizable carpark next to the cala and the journey is very straightforward, leading you directly to the cala with no added walking if arriving by car.

By bus, it is also fairly easy to get to, but do note the 15-minute walk does include a downhill slope and a walk around Platja de Rei. For me, this was not a problem, but I would take note if you do have children or you do not want to be walking during times of peak heat.

Space & Crowd: 6/10

When I visited this cala, it was late June and there was quite the crowd. However, if you get there early enough or go slightly off-peak season, then you will have a lot more space. Though, due to its size, even when it is busy, there still isn’t a huge crowd because the space cannot accommodate a large number of people. But, it is also worth taking into account that this is just on the sandy parts and if you prefer, you do have the option to go onto the rockier areas, which are usually much less populated and quieter.

Activities: 2/10

This cala does not offer any entertainment as such, unless you would like to go for a little hike around the area. Boats do however anchor here, which is where I have seen a variety of tourist boats, so if you would prefer to see the cala through a boat tour, these are offered elsewhere on the island. 

Swimming: 10/10

In my opinion, this is a perfect place to swim. As it has sandy areas, getting into the water is extremely easy compared to many other calas and the water is beautifully transparent.

Sea Life & Snorkeling: 7/10

It’s definitely worth bringing a snorkel to Platja del Mago. When I went, I saw a variety of fishes, none of which I could give the name to as I am no fish expert. Though, I would say some other calas on the island have provided a better snorkeling experience.

Restaurants & Amenities: 3/10

There is a restaurant on the beach, but after repeated delays, it did not open for the summer 2023 season. For now it remains permanently closed, and it’s unclear if it will ever reopen. Its restrooms are locked for now as well.

Otherwise, there are no amenities or businesses aside from the nearby Port Portals Vells, though this is still barebones with no restaurants or services.


Nudity: 10/10

As stated previously, this Cala is frequently advertised as ‘nudist’ and from experience, this is definitely true. So, if this is not something that you’re comfortable with, then this is worth remembering.

Safety: 5/10

The beach itself in Cala del Mago is rather safe because the water is shallow for a good distance with a sandy bottom. That said, there is no lifeguard, and while there are plenty of people on the beach and on boats to offer help, it would take a trip up one of the steep nearby hills to get actual medical attention.

Hotel Deals Near Platja del Mago