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When Is The Best Time to Visit Mallorca? An Island for All Seasons

For general travel, I recommend visiting Mallorca in May or June. The weather by this point in the year is usually sunny, and it’s warm enough to enjoy the beach. At the same time, you can avoid the massive tourist rush of July and August.

That said, there are things to do in Mallorca year round. The best time to visit Mallorca depends on what your plans are and what you enjoy.

The Climate of Mallorca

As you can see from the chart, Mallorca is far from hot all year round. While it rarely drops below freezing, it often drops below 40 in the winter, much too cold for swimming or sun tanning. Meanwhile, August is the hottest month closely followed by July.

Pay even closer attention to the precipitation and sunshine hours. Tourists flood Mallorca in the summer months of June, July and August because it rarely rains, and there’s a lot of sun. Chances are you’ll be able to relax on the beach for most of your trip. Meanwhile, the amount of rain jumps considerably in September and sunshine drops. Note that May is a bit sunnier than September, which is why I recommend it if you want to avoid the crowd.

Can You Swim in Mallorca in May?

While May is my general recommendation, it’s not your best bet if you really want to swim or snorkel. Even though you can enjoy the beach, the water temperature is usually still in the low 60s in May. It doesn’t reach the 70s until June and is best for swimming in August when it can potential reach the 80s.

Can You Sunbathe in Mallorca in May?

May usually has a decent amount of sunshine, and towards the end of the month, it’s warm enough to strip down to your swimsuit. Of course, at the end of the day, whether you can sunbathe is up to you. After all, I know people who sunbathe in Mallorca in January.

What Is the Best Time of Year to…

Swim and Snorkel

August is the best time to swim in Mallorca. This is mostly because the water temperature has reached it’s peak. Additionally, it’s warm and sunny. July is great for swimming, too.


You can hike in Mallorca year round, but it’s often too hot in the summer. The ideal months are April and May. October is also good, but there’s a higher chance of rain.


Mallorca is a cycling mecca. Crowds of cyclists descend upon the island, usually in the spring between March and May. During the period, it’s sunny enough to enjoy the landscape but not too hot.

cycling mallorca
Photo 175219782 © Peter KovA!A? | Dreamstime.com

Scuba Dive

Like most of the Mediterranean, the best time to scuba dive in Mallorca is September and October. This is when visibility is best, and the change in current for the fall brings sealife to the coast. April and May are also considered good months.


There is little surfing in Mallorca, but it’s possible to surf in the island’s northeast in the winter between December and February. During this time the northeast swell combines with winds from the southwest for decent surfing conditions.


Conditions in Mallorca are ideal for sailing from April to October. The weather is stable, and the days are long with good sun. Moreover, wind tends to average around 5-15 knots.

Tour a Vineyard

Mallorcan grapes are usually harvested in late August and September. The new wine, or vi novell, is normally ready in November, so that’s when towns in the Mallorcan wine country like Binnisalem and Santa Maria have their festivals.

Mallorca vineyard, Santa Maria, Spain

This makes November the best month to visit a vineyard. However, if you want to see the vines ripe with grapes, you’ll have to visit in the summer.

Take a Cruise

Cruise season in Mallorca runs from May to October with July to September being the best time to visit the island on a cruise due to the best chances of good weather. In 2019, the Port of Palma saw over two million cruise tourists, but this number is likely to decrease as the government has lowered the permitted number of ships in port from four to three. Cruise traffic is at its lowest points in March and April and again in November and December.

Get Married

June is the best time for a wedding in Mallorca. The heat is not yet as oppressive as it is in July and August, but the days are long with the magical sunlight that graces the island in the summer.

bride in mallorca
Photo 209522431 © Santiaga | Dreamstime.com

What Is the High Season in Mallorca?

Peak tourist season in Mallorca is June to August, and this is when prices are usually highest. However, the travel industry usually begins contracting seasonal workers in April and releasing them in October. Prices drop considerably outside of this range.

What Is the Low Season in Mallorca?

The low season in Mallorca is October through March. Many clubs and resorts close at the end of September and don’t reopen until April or May. Prices are much lower during this period, but there are also fewer amenities.

sunset near Deia, Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca: An Island for All Seasons

There is something to do in Mallorca at any point in the year. Here are my recommendations.

Spring (March-May)

During the Spring, there are higher chances of rain, but the weather is still good. It’s not overbearingly hot yet, and the mass wave of tourists hasn’t arrived. As a result, this is the best time for:

  • Hiking and exploring the Serra de Tramuntana
  • Cycling
  • Enjoying Semana Santa festivities and processions
  • Visiting Palma
  • Sailing
  • Watching the sunset

Summer (June-August)

Cala Llamp, Port d'Andratx, Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca in the summer is nothing short of a paradise. This is the best time to go the beach and swim. While you may try to visit in September or May to skip the crowds, I honestly believe that there is a magical quality to Mallorca in the summer that you don’t get during those months. Besides swimming and sunbathing, other summer activities include:

  • Snorkeling
  • Free diving
  • Clubbing and nightlife
  • Attending local fairs and the Sant Joan festival
  • Taking a cruise
  • Having a wedding

Fall (September-November)

Most of the summer parties and beach culture continues into September, but it’s honestly not the same. Rain moves in in the fall, and sunlight wanes. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do, though. I recommend:

  • Scuba diving
  • Touring vineyards or taking the wine train
  • Attending Festas des Vermar or Ferias de Vi Novell

Winter (December-February)

Sant Antoni, Sa Pobla, Mallorca, Spain
Morfheos, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It doesn’t get too cold in Mallorca in the winter, rarely below freezing, but it does rain quite a bit. Nevertheless, winter is actually the most active seasons when it comes to Mallorcan cultural events and festivals. Here are the best activities:

  • Surfing
  • Seeing the parade for the Three Kings
  • Going to a Sant Antoni festival
  • Dressing up for Carnaval

Some years, you may even get to play in the snow in the mountains. Last year, people even went skiing. Mallorca truly has it all.

Take Advantage of Low Season Deals

Outside of the peak season, Mallorcan hotels and villas often have trouble maintaining occupancy. As a result, they offer special deals to attract low season travelers. In my opinion, this is the best way to visit the island on a budget and still enjoy the year-round activities. Here are just of the few deals Mallorca hotels have provided Mallorqueta: