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Sabastià Pastor Brodat Review

Imagine sipping wine midday on the outdoor patio of an exceptionally affordable Michelin Star restaurant while all colors of flowers burst forth with springtime vigor below the stunning Tramuntana Mountain Range. The wine is Sebastià Pastor Brodat 2017. It is the least expensive on the list and the server’s recommendation. Why visit Mallorca? For experiences like this – where land, culture, food, and wine combine without pomp or pretension.

When tradition celebrates the terra firma it thrives upon, there is no need for opulence; what is good is good, and this wine is good; the restaurant that served it is good; and the culture and scenery surrounding the experience are ideal

In Mallorca, one simply needs to step outside to know why they traveled here. And like Mallorca, the Brodat provides value because Sebastià Pastor can cultivate Mallorca’s naturally occurring phenomena and bottle them up, as they have been doing for nearly 100 years.

Just a Sip
Rating Full wine glass Full wine glass Full wine glass Full wine glass Full wine glass
WinerySebastià Pastor (Santa Maria del Camí)
BlendMantonegro, Syrah
StyleSpanish Red
DesignationD.O. Binissalem
Alcohol Content14 percent
Best Vintage2017
Cellar Time5-10 years
Top Notesred fruit spice oak
Food PairingMoroccan Lamb Tagine
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Sebastiá Pastor

sebastia pastor

Bodega Sebastiá Pastor turned 85 in 2022 with the founder’s grandson at the helm. Their winery and cellar are located in Santa Maria del Camí. As part of the D.O. Binissalem, they provide imbibing islanders with traditional wines produced by ancestral viticulture techniques. These techniques are used to highlight the native grape varieties of Mantonegro, Callet, and Prensal Blanc. After all, these grapes are at home upon the dense and relatively dry Mallorcan soil. 

The winery sits on the periphery of Santa Maria, where the Pastor family plants various vines on various soils. However, all their vines are grown free of chemical fertilizers and grow on ground enriched by natural composts produced by their sheep. 

While the bodega sits on the outskirts of Santa Maria, their quaint cellar – dating back to the 18th century – is centrally located in town. There the family continues the tradition of siphoning off much of their wine in bulk (vino a granel) for locals and their restaurants. What is left to the bottles, therefore, is truly a traditional Mallorcan pleasure. Visit the cellar to taste one of their many reds, a rosé, the 100% Prensal Blanc, or even a celebratory dry cava.


Mantonegro and Syrah

The Brodat is an even blend of the Syrah and Mantonegro grapes. The international Syrah produces fat, full-bodied wines, often with flavors of deep forest fruits, chocolate or tobacco, and some spice. Mantonegro, on the other hand, has the Mallorcan touch: gentle and refreshing with earthy tastes from the mineral-rich soil and saline characteristics of fresh sea air. The blend of the two, then, provides a light though flavorful, structured red

On the Nose

The pour reveals a gorgeous, deep ruby-red wine. At first, the smell is light, fruity, and promises a citric spice. As it airs, however, the nose deepens, sensing the oak barrels in which the wine aged.

cinnamon tasting note


Initially, ripe cherries refresh the palate. Darker plums then take over, accompanied by an earthy, peppery spice that effectuates the mouthfeel.

Texture and Balance

The Brodat begins refreshing and light but rounds out once it has settled upon the tongue. The tannins then pleasantly dry the mouth leaving the saline characteristics of the Mantonegro to dance delightfully amongst the deep plum of the Syrah.



The wine finishes full and a bit dry with a pleasant oak and tobacco flavor lingering between the cheeks. The bright, ripe fruits that open the wine make arriving at the finish enjoyable as it ends drier and more structured than initially assumed.

Food Pairings

I recommend culinarily traveling to Spain’s neighbor, Morocco, for the food pairing. The Moroccan spices in a savory dish like lamb tagine suit this wine. The Brodat wraps itself around the succulence of lamb adding ripe accents to the greasiness of the meat. Furthermore, the dark plum and tobacco flavors provide a delectable backdrop for the lamb tagine’s lively cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and paprika.  

Final Verdict

I give Sebastià Pastor Brodat a final rating of 3.8 of five. This wine carries excellent value. It’s as gorgeous to look at with its deep ruby color as it is to taste. It does, however, need extra time in the bottle to form fully. I had the 2017 in 2023, and the maturity of the oak flavor and deep Syrah spices enveloped nicely around the lighter Mantonegro. The 2019, on the other hand, was less deep and balanced. Overall, the Brodat is a great choice for a delectable meal on a warm spring day.

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sebastia pastor brodat sale