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How to Get to Mallorca: Flights, Ferries and Connections

how to get to mallorca

Mallorca is one of Europe’s most popular destinations, yet being an island, there are geographical challenges that makes getting here—or leaving—more complicated than just jumping on a train. Direct flights around Europe abound, and there are an increasing number of flights to other parts of the world, including the United States. Still, there are some […]

Where is Mallorca? A Guide to the Mediterranean Gem

Flight over Mallorca

Mallorca, also known as Majorca, is a famous island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain. With stunning beaches and easy access to the rest of Europe, it has become the tourist capital of the continent, arguably the world. Nevertheless, it’s less known to Americans, who are often unsure of where Mallorca […]

The Complete Port De Sóller Travel Guide

Port de Soller

Port de Sóller is a stunning bayside town easily accessed from Palma. Due to its breezy accessibility, the port hums with life in the warmest months of the year. Its crescent shaped beach is bordered by a promenade and lined with restaurants, bars and ice cream shops. The bay sits low below the steep Serra […]

Driving in Mallorca on an American Driver’s License

driving in mallorca

Although there is an extensive bus system on Mallorca as well as a few train lines, the fact is that driving remains the best way to access the most beautiful parts of the island and take advantage of everything Mallorca has to offer. That begs a lot of questions, though. Whether you’re just visiting for […]

How to Get To and From the Palma Airport

how to get to palma airport

Luckily, getting to and from Son Sant Joan Airport outside of Palma de Mallorca is pretty simple. Unluckily, that’s because you really don’t have a whole lot of options. There is no Uber or similar companies and most of the public transportation in Mallorca and Palma doesn’t reach the airport, so aside from two EMT […]

How to Get Around Mallorca by Train, Metro and Bus

tib train mallorca

Did you land in Mallorca only to find the island is a bit bigger than you think? How are you supposed to get all the way from the airport to Alcúdia on the other side of the island? Luckily, Mallorca has an extensive public transportation network operated by Transports de les Illes Balears (TIB) that […]