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Mallorqueta, un glop d'eternitat

The 10 Best Burgers in Mallorca

best burgers in mallorca

Hamburgers might not be what comes to mind when you consider Mallorcan food, but there’s actually a thriving burger scene on the island. From creative smash burgers with gourmet ingredients to thick diner-style greaseballs topped with cheese and bacon, I’ve spent a lot of time trying what the local burgermeisters have to offer, and these […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Ca’l Dimoni

cal dimoni

For those who want a true Mallorcan experience, Ca’l Dimoni is a crash course. Yes, the food is your typical Mallorcan fare: pa amb oli, sobrassada, wine and snails. But it’s more than that. Elaborately yet classically decorated, it might be a bit kitcsh, but that’s all part of the fun. Just don’t leave without […]

Beach Spotlight: Cala Llamp

cala llamp

I visit Cala Llamp multiple times a summer and often even in the off-season. It’s one of my favorite places to snorkel and freedive, plus it’s easily accessible while still offering secluded areas away from the crowd. To top it all off, the beach is right below Beach Club Gran Folies, a popular restaurant serving […]

Restaurant Spotlight: La Gran Fonda

la gran fonda palma

There are many reasons I keep returning to Medellín, Colombia, but one of the biggest is the food. I love the rich flavors of Colombian dishes like bandeja paisa, arepas and tropical fruits. Back home in Mallorca, I often find myself craving Colombian food, so finding the best Colombian restaurants in Palma is a top […]

Beach Spotlight: Cala Deià

Deià and Cala Deià represent Mallorcan exceptionalism, where relaxed locals live in vigorous landscapes and welcome starry-eyed travelers. More than a casual beach day, a visit to Deià and its cala is an experience.  On Mallorca’s northern coasts, steep, rugged cliffs of the Tramuntana Mountain Range fall into tranquil turquoise waters. Deià sits atop these […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Mekeni

I always have trouble explaining Mekeni to my friends because it is a truly unique place. When I want to have a nice sit-down dinner we go to Mekeni. When I want to have some drinks at a bar before going out on Paseo Maritimo, which is right next door, we go to Mekeni. Or […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Restaurant Millor

restaurant millor

Santa Catalina is one of Palma’s most popular neighborhoods and for good reason. One of my favorite reasons being the variety and quantity of restaurants in the area. Historically, it has always been an international part of the city. This is reflected in the cuisine you can find. While I love all the options that […]

The Complete Palma de Mallorca Travel Guide

With over 2,000 years of history and nearly half the population of the island, Palma is the cultural and economic hub of Mallorca. If you’re visiting Mallorca, you’ll inevitably pass through the city’s airport or port and likely pass some of its impressive sights like the looming La Seu Gothic Cathedral or Bellver Castle. If […]

Sa Fira de Taronja: The Orange Fair in Sóller

sa fira de taronja in soller

On the weekend of April 29th and 30th, Sa Fira de Taronja (The Sóller Orange Fair) celebrates and promotes the abundant oranges that flourish in Sóller Valley. The two-day Orange Fair happens within the three-week Jornades de la Taronja (Orange Days) – a gastronomic festivity – which lasts from April 21st – May 7th.  The Orange […]

The Complete Guide to Mallorcan Wine

mallorcan wine

Drinking wine in Mallorca, like drinking wine around the world, is highly enjoyable because it is an intoxicating experience that connects the people to the environment that surrounds them. Since the environment of Mallorca is exceptional, what follows is an exceptional wine drinking experience. For thousands of years, writers have referred readers to Balearic and […]