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Mallorqueta, un glop d'eternitat

Fira de Tardor i Fira del Vi: Consell’s Autumn Festival

fira de tardor consell

Each year in October, Consell hosts a Fira de Tardor, or autumn festival, that includes several days of events including a Fira del Vi, or wine fair. 2023 marks the town’s 26th iteration of the fair and takes place on Sunday, October 22nd, in Consell’s main square. Fira del Vi i Gastronomia Local While the […]

The Complete Binissalem Travel Guide


Imbibe in Binissalem. It is a culture unto itself. Drink it in. It’s the Matryoshka doll of history and culture. It is Spanish; it is Mallorcan; it is Binissalem. It is Talaiotic, Roman, and Moorish. It was once the very heart of European wine production. It is now at the heart of Mallorca’s wine production […]

Festa des Vermar: Binissalem’s Wine Fair

festa de vermar

The Festa des Vermar is back for its annual season of fun-filled grape activity. The festival, which celebrates the grape harvest, or vermada, is held in Binissalem, a town in the centre of the island, which is known for its production of wine. The lively events of the village last for two weeks, with the […]

Winery Spotlight: Can Majoral

can majoral

The plains of Mallorca are known as Es Pla. Es Pla is the heartland of Mallorca, squeezed between the island’s two mountain ranges – the northern Serra de Tramuntanas and southeastern Serres de Llevant. Es Pla is Mallorca’s viticultural center, both literally and figuratively.  In Es Pla is the antique town of Algaida. In Algaida […]

The Complete Santa Maria del Camí Travel Guide

santa maria del cami

I was excited to write this guide to Santa Maria del Camí. It’s the place I’ve called home for going on a decade now. Quaint and picturesque yet easily accessible, this authentic Mallorcan village bordered by vineyards and backdropped by mountains is the perfect place to take a step back and appreciate the best of […]

Son Prim CUP Review

son prim cup

With a lack of consistent rain, it baffles how bursting with color and fauna Mallorca is. The red Mallorcan earth, dense and claylike, must learn, like the cacti it bores, to retain water. The flowers, fruit trees, and grape vines must dig deep to earn their drink. In the process, they also find compressed minerals […]

Ànima Negra AN/2 Review

anima negra an/2

If you like fine dining in Mallorca, you’re sure to see bottles from the renowned Ànima Negra winery. One of the island’s most well-known and most active producers, their wine is regularly rated as some of the best in the Balearics and the world. Ànima Negra AN/2 is one such wine, sure to pack the […]

Winery Spotlight: Jaume de Puntiró

jaume de puntiro

Jaume de Puntiró embodies the spirit of local Mallorcan viticulture. Not only do they produce phenomenal organic wine that earns the D.O. Binissalem label, but they are active participants in events that promote and preserve Mallorcan culture. From bike tours to stopping by the bodega to fill your bottle with vi granell straight from the […]

Winery Spotlight: Biniagual

Finca Biniagual

For thousands of years, wine, olives, and grain have thrived upon the soil of Biniagual; thus, at its bodega, you can taste history. The history of wine, of course, but also of a 13th-century hamlet, predated by the Moors, abandoned come plagues, and resurrected due to its undeniable productivity. The experience of a tasting at […]

Mortitx Blanc Review

mortitx blanc

Wine fairs abound from spring to fall in Mallorca, and Raïm Fest in Deià was spectacular. So spectacular, in fact, that the public officials of Deià swore never to have such an event again. The small, cliffside town overflowed with wine drinkers, music, and too much traffic for the narrow village to handle.  Up a steep hill […]